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Thursday, July 20, 2017

Last seams sewn!..................

I worked on the Seed Packet quilt all day while my 2 friends were here.  I had only a few seams left to sew when they left and I sewed them last night.  I can see a couple small squares that could be moved to a better place but for now they will stay where they are.
I thought my design walls were 84" tall but I can see that they are closer to 82" since the bottom row is bending out.  The quilt top ended up at 68" x 83".

For inquiring minds, a refresher, here is the post where I show the inspiration quilt. 

The backyard garden is now pink, yellow and orange.  The Rudbeckia blooms are just opening and there will be a lot more yellow in a few days. 

The front garden is overgrown and needs a lot of work.  I am slowly tearing out an  invasive plant.  My 2 pots of begonias and a pot of Coleus add a lot of color.

The Swamp Milkweed is just to the right of the area in the photo above.  This shot was taken looking down at the plant from the top.  It is about 24" tall. 

We got a nice rain storm yesterday afternoon, a little over 3/4" of rain and another storm around 9 p.m., another 8/10ths.  It is more rain than I thought we would get.  I won't need to water anything for a few days.

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Not a lot of progress.........

Now the vertical seams of the first five columns are sewn. After I took this photo I continued cutting small squares and need just three more.  I have a lot of holey floral fabrics!

I was near the end of the second book in the series so I spent a few hours reading and finished "The Girl Who Played with Fire".  My library doesn't have the third one on the shelf right now and that is probably good because I have other things I need to do.  My 2 friends are coming to sew today.  Thursday I will continue to clear off tables for the art quilters on Monday.

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Time to make a decision........

I decided that I could change the 2 rows of small squares into many configurations but in the end it really wouldn't make any difference how I had them.  There could be many successful ways of finishing this quilt and I had to just make a decision and move on.  Last night I got the first four columns sewn together.  I need to still fussy cut 19 more squares. 

I mowed the lawn while it was still low humidity yesterday.  It doesn't sound like we will get much rain this week so maybe I won't have to mow for another 8 or 9 days.  The heat rolls in Wednesday and it sounds like it will be here for several days.  I have friends coming to sew Wednesday and Monday so basement cleaning will happen today.

Monday, July 17, 2017

Choosing border fabric.........

I needed to choose a border fabric for the Old Italian block quilt top.  This navy background batik looks good.

I got the borders cut and sewn on yesterday afternoon.  It is a small quilt about 38" x 48" so it will take just one width of fabric for the back.

I continued cutting flower print squares for the Seed Packet quilt.  I need 27 more. 

I made another attempt to dig out the Spiderwort plants this year.  It is a several year project because you think you have them all and then next spring some more appear.  I had one Hosta being crowded out by them. 

I should mow the grass today because the humidity is going to roll back in late Tuesday.  It will be a good day to pull some more weeds too.  

Sunday, July 16, 2017

Small floral squares.........

I continued cutting small floral squares yesterday.  I also decided to try the darkest ones at the edge like a light border and then a darker one.  Below is the photo from yesterday where I had them as dark/light alternating.  I liked this dark border when I'm looking at the design wall but I'm not sure again when I see it in a photo.  In the book they used the dark as the first row around and then the light as the last border.  However the dark flowers in the book quilt aren't as dark as mine.


Saturday, July 15, 2017

I like progress............

The Marcia Derse fabric Drunkard's Path top is finished.  I decided it won't have borders.  It ended up at 48.5" x 69.5".  It is mostly scraps from cutting this quilt with only a few extra fabrics added.

I made a slight miscalculation on how many small squares I need.  I must have figured only a single row instead of a double row.  In any case I need another 63 small fussy cut floral squares.  I don't mind repeating fabrics.  Some people making this quilt have used all different fabrics for every square.  The inspiration for this quilt can be found here
The tiger lilies are starting to bloom.

The Rudbeckia in front of the tiger lilies is almost ready to bloom.

I have lots and lots of green tomatoes but none on the big plants have turned color yet.  I have 2 little bush tomatoes that had small tomatoes on them when I bought them.  The squirrels have gotten 2 of them, I have eaten 2 that ripened and I have 2 more ready to eat.  I also have 2 on the windowsill in the kitchen to ripen, well away from the squirrels' sharp little teeth.
A few days ago I mentioned the path through my yard, a shortcut for teenagers.  My block is about 3-4 blocks long, no side streets so the kids cut through yards.  Several people asked if it was a right of way and whether this was a normal practice.  It isn't a right of way; it is my private property.  I live in a small town and I guess the kids feel comfortable doing this.  There is a pile of boards at the lot line with the neighbor.  I asked my neighbor lady in her late 80s if they were her boards and she said yes she put them there to discourage kids cutting through.  Well, they just step over them so that didn't work.

Friday, July 14, 2017

A day in the studio............

I was home all day yesterday and spent 3/4 of the time in my studio.  I cut 41 more small squares for the Seed Packet quilt......I mean I fussy cut every square one at a time.  No speed cutting there.  If a fabric had more than one kind of flower I cut several from that fabric.  I think I have enough now for the double row around the quilt.
But first I need to get this quilt off the design wall.  I cut more pieces and sewed the rest of the blocks, moved a few around to new positions and started sewing it together.  I have just four more seams to sew and the top will be finished...unless I decide to add a border.

I need to get this quilt off another design wall and I'm still undecided on sashing fabric.  I put the one on the left up there yesterday.  It is kind of an apricot/gold with a mum design on it.  The one on the right is one of the original fabrics I tried and is a beige print.  I'm still undecided.